Fatality Reviews and Safety Audits (FRASA)

Fatality reviews and safety audits share a common theme: they both involve institutional ethnography or the study of ways of life of institutions and community entities. Fatality reviews work back from deaths, recreating cases, ideally through the eyes of decedents, perpetrators and others. Safety audits/assessments examine the daily practices of institutions. Over the last few years, Dr. Websdale and the late Dr. Ellen Pence (the creator of safety audits), both influenced by the Canadian sociologist Dr. Dorothy Smith, discussed merging these two types of intervention, emphasizing the enormous potential of the merger. The specific merging of these two powerful methodologies within Arizona to address questions related to the policing and prosecution of domestic violence, is the first such merger of its kind.

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Introduction to NDVFRI


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Example Fatility Review Case in Montana

Produced by: S.T.O.P in Action: Montana Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission

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